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Definitions: The voice box or larynx is responsible for voice projection, breathing and airway protection. It is located in the throat region. The anatomy c:onsi$l:S of tongue, multiple muscles, two motor nerves, two sensory nerves, two bones and four folds of tissue. There are n,tany disorders ~at affect the larynx directly and indirectly.
Directly, throat infection, trauma, and toxins are most frequent, some being unsuccessfully treated and may need surgical intervention. There are various techniques of surgeries are usually dictated by the presenting disorders and clinical findings. Some of the various procedures are 1) direct laryngoscopy with biopsy, 2) Laser surgery, 3) removal of laryngeal tissue and structures, and 4) complete removal of the voice box. Some of the paralaryngeal structures may require some of the above procedures, and can have an impact on the laryngeal function.
Laryngeal (Voice Box) Surgery
- Hoarseness - Usually resolved, if surgery limited to biopsy.
- Airway obstruction - Unl:lsual, mostly as result of swelling or scar formation post-op
- Vocal Cord Paralysis - Extremely rare.
- Decreased mobility - Secondary to vocal cord dislocation, scar formation or nerve damage as a result of pressure.


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